Ideas To Select The Best Tours In Rome

Being in Rome will surely drive you to explore the magnificent edifices erected centuries back. If you’re passionate about ancient history and simply driven by the documentaries of Nat Geo and the History Channel about the gladiator fights in the Colosseum or about the temple where Mark Anthony delivered the speech towards his murderers or the senate where Julius Ceaser was brutally stabbed to death- then definitely you need the guided tours in Rome.

It’s true that present day globetrotters and even the family vacationers are blessed with the advanced technology of Google Street View along with the Maps and GPS facilities- still a local guide can be a big help with whom the technology might fail to compete in various ways.

You can choose the tours from the local Italian tour operators. Most of them have the websites these days from where you can select and shop the tours in advance to avoid the rush especially in summers when Italy is flooded with international tourists. In fact, avail the off season discounts to save more on the guided tours. You can use the extra pennies in buying food or wine when in Rome. Buying an additional tour with that money is also worthy.

Explore the haunting destinations such as the undergrounds of the Colosseum where the gladiators were kept. They used to practice fighting and on the day of tournament- they were lifted to the to the Colosseum arena on a mechanical lift.  They were kept in dark that who they have to fight. The opponents could have been fierce men or wild animal such as tigers, lions wild bears and so on. Purchase Rome Colosseum underground tour and let the guide travel you through the deepest taverns of the dark secrets of the Roman era.

A guided tour is always helpful and hassle-free. Just follow the footsteps of the guide.