Going for a Cebu tour but no idea where to visit? Well, we have a list ready in our hands for you. Cebu is one of the most beautiful cities with some important historical value.  But these are not enough words to describe the beauty of Cebu. You can choose some of them according to your preferences. But still, a Cebu tour package from will help you to overcome your confusion and provide you with some of the best services available in Cebu.

  • Santa Nino Basilica: Also known as Basilica Menor del Santo Nino de Cebu. This particular church is the oldest Roman Catholic house in the country. People worshiped Santo Nino which means child Jesus Christ here. It was built between 1739-1740.
  • Magellan’s Cross: who does not know about Ferdinand Magellan’s famous wooden cross. This is one of the significant relics of the Catholic Christian Community. It is also believed that this cross has some magical power.
  • Triangle fort San Pedro: San Pedro happens to be the first fort of Spanish settlement. The unique shape and smaller size are some common reasons for tourists to visit.
  • Taoist Temple: it is one of the most valuable architectural pieces of the Chinese Taoist community.  Although for local people it is a place for worship and prayer, as a tourist you can surely visit this place and enjoy the oriental culture.
  • Sirao Flower Gardens: one of the most famous attractions of 2022 is the Sirao flower garden. Thousands of red, orange, and purple bloomed flowers became very famous on the internet over a few years.
  • Temple of Leah: Temple of Leah is one of the most visited tourist spots in Cebu. It was built in 2012 as a symbol of undying love. But apart from this, you can visit the museum, art gallery, and the travel collection of lady Leah Villa Albino- Adarna.
  • Whale Sharks of Oslob: Oslob is famous for its giant whale sharks. If you are courageous enough to swim and meet some giant gray whale shark you will be welcomed here with some extraordinary experiences.
  • Malapascua Island: This particular piece of land is probably the heaven for sea-lovers. The beautiful coral reefs and colorful marine species, soft white sand of the beaches have made Malapascua a top-rated destination point for divers and non-divers.
  • Kawasan Falls: The three-stage cascade, deep blue pool, 50 feet tall cliffs, and opportunity to hike and canyoneering make it famous among the hikers.
  • Simala Shrine: This huge castle-shaped church in Simala is not only famous for its architecture but also for its religious gathering.
  • Pescador Island: Another famous diving spot in Cebu is Pescador Island. Millions of sardine fish and soft coral reefs will give you a magnificent experience for sure.

These are the few names of Cebu attractions. If you have a 7-day tour plane and have not booked any Cebu tour package for yourself then search here at you will surely have some other spots to visit as well.  But before that make sure to pack your swim suite first.

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