5 Add-ons that you Must Add to a Low-cost Airline Ticket

Add-ons can make your low-cost flight as good as a full-service airline. Mentioned in this post are five add-ons that make perfect sense if you wish to make your flight comfortable and enjoyable. Keep reading.

Low-cost airlines today have a major market share in the domestic aviation sector in India. Know for their low prices, no-frills approach, and great connectivity, it is preferred by millions of passengers to travel within the country. However, the low price comes at a cost. No meals, uncomfortable seats, long queues at airports are common complaints of frequent, low-cost airline passengers.

Let’s look at five add-ons that you must consider adding to your ticket.

  1. In-flight Meals and Beverages: When you are sitting in a flight for those long hours with nothing much to do, you will most naturally gravitate to the food packet on your co-passengers table. Low-cost carriers don’t include the food cost to your ticket, allowing them to lower the price. However, going without food for hours on a flight can be a big ask for many passengers. Thus, add a food voucher to your ticket to ensure your flight is comfortable. While you can also pay in-flight for your food, adding it to your ticket might give you better food options, and you may also get some discounts.
  2. Seat Selection: If there is one thing that low-cost airlines are infamous for are the crammed-up seats with tiny legroom. This can really add to the discomfort of your flight. However, you can select a seat of your choice by paying a bit extra. You can select one based on your needs, from seats with more legroom to the window or aisle seats or one right in the front of the aircraft.
  3. Lounge Access: Sometimes, you can also add lounge access to your ticket. What is lounge access? Almost every airport has a special lounge where you can sit and relax after clearing your security as you wait for the boarding announcement. These lounges are luxurious and offer you complimentary buffet meals, alcohol and non-alcohol beverages and even massage chairs. Sounds too tempting, right? Wait, before you pay, check if you already have free access to this. If you are part of an air mile program or own a credit card, you might already get free access to these lounges. If not, this might be a good time to join an air mile program.
  4. Priority Check-in: Low-cost carriers cut every possible corner to reduce their operational cost and make flying affordable for millions of passengers. As a result, they will have a lesser staff to passenger ratio. One of the effects of this is the long line at the check-in counters you may usually notice that is more typical of low-cost carriers than full-service airlines. You can circumvent the long queue by opting for a priority check-in when you are buying your ticket. Although it may cost you a little extra, you can significantly reduce your wait time at the check-in counter.
  5. Insurance: If you have recently cancelled your low-cost airline ticket, you probably know the pain of seeing your money vanish. Low-cost airlines usually make up for their low-priced tickets by offering a high cancellation fee to the passengers. Sometimes it may also be a no-refund ticket. However, buying the right insurance on your ticket can save you a considerable amount of money if you need to cancel the ticket last minute.

Low-cost airlines are cheap, but they often compromise comfort level by taking out some privileges offered in a full-service flight. However, your low-cost flight doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or inconvenient. Whether you are looking at the lowest flight fare from Pune to Goa, Delhi to Chennai or Mumbai to Kerala, add these add-ons to your ticket and travel like a pro with a low-cost airline.

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