5 Reasons to Take a Cycling Holiday

There has never been so many Brits taking to two wheels, and with the current trend for a healthy lifestyle, it is easy to understand why cycling is so popular. Families take to the country roads at weekends, and with a heightened awareness from motorists in general, cycling is a very safe activity, with many local councils providing cycle lanes, and if you like to get on your bike at weekends, you might want to try a cycling holiday, and here are just a few of the benefits.

  1. A Healthy Experience – There aren’t that many holiday types that improve your physical fitness levels, but cycling ticks all the right boxes, as it gives all the major muscle groups a workout and is excellent for the heart and lungs. The country air and the activity will really give you an appetite, and by sampling the local delights, you get to have a culinary experience.
  1. See Spectacular Scenery – There is a wide range of cycling holidays in the UK that offer some of the best natural backdrops, and riding a bike allows you to access bike trails that run through beautiful forests and meadows, and with all your accommodation reserved in advance, you will get to experience the local culture.
  1. Adventure and Freedom – How often is a great holiday spoiled by the tight tour schedule that doesn’t allow you to really explore? If you and your family book a self-guided tour, then you have the freedom and flexibility, as long as you make it to your accommodation in the evenings. The exhilaration you get from a challenging ride is something you will always remember, and with no group to keep up with, you can enjoy your surroundings. Guided tours do have a schedule, but they are designed to suit your riding level, so you won’t be joining a group of racers, unless you happen to be at the top of the sport.
  1. Range of Destination Countries – Almost every European country is included, and you can even sample the natural beauty of Scandinavia if you wish. Typically, the tour operator would have packages for the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, and with a range of rider levels, you can choose something just right.
  1. Meet New Friends – The social aspect of a cycling holiday is what appeals to many, with people from all walks of life, who all have one thing in common, a love of cycling. Some families make friends and decide to repeat the experience the following year, only this time they would go on a self-guided tour together. It is a great experience for a single person, as they would meet many other single people, and who knows? You might even meet your soul mate!

If you have never considered taking a cycling holiday, you might be pleasantly surprised and it will certainly make a change from the usual resort.

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