Getting It Right When Renting in The Big City  

Setting out on your own is both exciting and daunting; whether you are moving away from family or moving to the big city for work, finding a great rental property can seem confusing at first glance. This article hopes to give you some great information so you can enter the rental property world armed with all the tools you need to succeed. Whether your desired rental is a townhouse in Sathorn or a condo for rent in Bangkok’s other great residential areas, you will have the confidence to secure a property where you will spend many happy days.

Planning Your Property Search

Once you have decided now is the right time for you to rent, it is important to identify what exactly you want in your first property and establish both what it must have and what might be desirable but not essential. Adopt the same procedure with the areas of the city you wish to live. Being near your workplace, family, or specific amenities could all factor into your decision process. It is vital that you are realistic when deciding where to rent; there is no point in setting your heart on properties outside of your budget.

Research, Research, Research

When you have made a few decisions, you can start your rental search for real, use well-rated rental agents and see what they have to offer; they will often have the best properties. You could also hire a professional agent to find your dream rental; although this obviously means an extra cost, but they can also help with the difficult obstacles that crop up when renting. Online rental websites are also an option for finding both short and long rentals; they use walkthrough features to give you an idea of what the property looks like, but always view the property before committing to any lease agreement. Draw up a shortlist of any properties that you might like to view and then conduct some thorough research into the local area looking at facilities, traffic, crime rates and any other specific concerns you might have.

The Final Stages

When viewing any prospective property, always take plenty of time, look out the windows and try to envisage any potential problems to your living there. Ask plenty of questions regarding topics like service fees, maintenance costs, and deposits; it is no fun if you realise you have signed a lease for costs you were not aware of. When discussing the rental lease, always confirm the terms and conditions so you have a firm grasp of what you are committing to; the rental may also come with furniture, which is normally signed for on a separate lease.

Bangkok is a fantastic place to live and work; by following some easy steps, you can find a rental property to which you will be happy to come home to.

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