Important Reminders Before You Head to Tuscany for a Vacation

Tuscany, in Italy, is one of the most amazing places to visit. It has everything that you want for a relaxing vacation. From beautiful villas to wine-tasting facilities, you will never forget your trip to this magnificent place in Italy. Before you head to Tuscany, here are a few things you need to remember.

Forget your stereotypes of Italian food

You might think that the types of Italian food you know of are the same anywhere you go in the country. The dishes are different depending on the speciality of the place. In some areas, pasta with white sauce is the highlight. In other places, they prefer fettucini with Alfredo sauce. Don’t expect to find what you want in all parts of the country.

Don’t forget to taste Tuscan cheeses

While you are in Tuscany, you can’t miss the Tuscan cheese. These are among the most delicious cheeses around the world. Italy has tons of high-quality premium cheeses all over the country, but the Tuscan cheese is still among the best. You will regret going home without tasting it.

Tuscany is famous for its wine

If you want to go on a wine-tasting adventure, Tuscany is the perfect place to do it. Within Tuscany, there are several regions. Each region has a unique type of wine for you to try. Think of the famous Italian brands that you can buy in stores. You can finally see where they came from and the process of making them.

Italy can be quite hot

You might think that it is cold in Italy throughout the year because of its geographic location. The truth is that it can be scorching during the summer. This season falls around June to September. You need to carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Find accommodation choices located atop the hills. You won’t be home in the morning anyway as you will be travelling around Tuscany. At night, the temperature drops, and your place will be relaxing.

Take small breakfasts

Italy is a popular country for some of the tastiest dishes ever. However, for breakfast, locals usually eat small and quick. They have a brioche with a cup of coffee, and they are good to go. Some of them prefer eating while standing up, and it is quite the norm. Also, if you want to find a place where you can have a short breakfast, you need to look for a bar. It refers to a coffee shop and not a place for drinking.

Ask for internet access

Wi-fi coverage is not quite right in Italy, depending on your location. If you are in remote provinces, it can be quite challenging to get a good signal. Therefore, you need to ask your hotel if they offer internet access before you book the place.

These are a few of the things to remember as you visit Tuscany. The best tip is to enjoy every moment you have while you are there. On your trip, you can count on Not in the Guide Books for more information on various exciting places to visit.


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