The Big No No’s, For Tourists Wanting to Have a Good Time

If you are travelling abroad any time soon, then you should plan your trip, make sensible decisions along the way and make sure that you stay as safe as possible. Hard to do if you are in the middle of arranging everything, it can be easy to get carried away so, always bear the following in mind;

Choose your currency exchange method, wisely

Depending upon where you go, you will see that there are varying exchange rates as well as a difference in rates between operators offering to exchange your money for you, each will be trying to make their profits by adding a ‘commission’ on top of what you should actually be receiving. As such some methods are really reasonable, whereas places such as airports can be a complete rip off and take advantage of the fact that you must be in a bind to even consider using them.

Always stay safe on excursions

If you are intending to go on some intrepid excursions on your holiday, and embark upon something like, going out into the Egyptian deserts on a desert safari or, you are considering travelling to somewhere like Australia and going whale watching in Narooma then you should stay safe at all times, don’t take too much cash with you and make sure that your valuables are either left in the car or hotel and that you have enough juice on your phone to make a call if you get stuck.

Never go to an empty restaurant

Whilst it might seem appealing, especially if there is a long wait to get into one of the more popular restaurants, there will be a reason why the empty restaurant has no customers. Sure, you can give it a go once, but you’ll probably soon realise why it was given a wide berth by others. The best thing to do is to look for a place that is bustling with locals. You can almost guarantee that, if the place is packed full of locals, then the food is going to be good!

Don’t take your kitchen sink with you

It can be really easy to get carried away when you are packing for an exciting trip, but, the best advice anyone could give you is, to travel light. The chances are, you will want to buy clothes when you are at your destination and or a present or two for family members, if you take everything, including your kitchen sink then you simply won’t have space for anything you buy when you there.

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