Three Hidden Gems in Europe

With summer fast upon us, many are looking beyond this year’s holidays and already planning for next year. So, while camping at Yellowstone Park may be some folks idea of a great holiday plan, our family has always loved to explore cities. We have trekked through Roman ruins, Parisian cafes and British pubs, and without losing a family member along the way.

But if you are an urban adventurer like us, you may find yourself at a crossroads when you have gone to every major city at least twice. You begin to feel like you have seen them all. But you would be wrong, for there are many cities in Europe that are worth checking out, even if they are not on the top of your list. Here are three unexpected gems we found worth the time and effort to explore.

Copenhagen – A Northern Gem

While southern Europe tends to get all the love and attention, northern Europe has some pretty outstanding cities well worth the visit. We found that Norway’s capital, Copenhagen, to be one of those unsung heroes. With its clean designs, very old history and easy accommodations it was a great place for a family to explore.

One of the things that made it so easy for our holidays there is the fact that Copenhagen hotel apartments are so well designed for travelling families on holiday.  These purpose-built apartment buildings have the traveller in mind when it comes to design and comfort. Centrally located in the middle of the city, they are handy to local transit and within walking of much that you will want to see. For those with an itch to see a clean well-designed city, filled with some of the most content citizens in the world, you can’t beat Copenhagen as a destination.

Spanish Oranges of Seville

For most of us, when we think of a holiday in Spain we think of Madrid. But Seville is a beautiful city, full of culture and history. Best of all, it has so many of those great little tapas bars we have come to love in Spain and Portugal. With its cobbled streets, amazing old cathedrals and plenty of time to linger over tapas, you may find Seville a restful holiday with plenty of eye candy to boot.

World Heritage Site in Croatia

I had not considered eastern Europe when I was first making trips with the family to Europe. However, Dubrovnik has become a darling of our family. This amazing city has a magnificent old wall that makes it a must-see sight. The marketplace is an adventure in itself and the pedestrian only nature of the old town will charm you.

These three cities are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding new places to explore. Whether you plan to spend three months driving the countryside or a week of intense city experience, take that chance. They each have their own unique story that makes researching them before you visit almost as much fun as the trip itself. Enjoy the vistas of the unknown on your next trip to Europe!

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