5 Street Foods to Relish on Your Next Trip to Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the oldest cities of India. It is frequented by globetrotters for the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti, enchanting ghats, relaxing boat rides, advice from Sadhus on karma and dharma and the glorious temples. In fact, Holi is round the corner which is one of the most alluring and widely celebrated festivals of the city. So, if you are planning to visit anytime soon, March-April would be the right time to book Delhi to Varanasi flights.  This is the peak tourist season and the city comes alive with all mirth and celebrations.

However, if you are a foodie, the city offers excellent gastronomical experience. While Delhi has no dearth of delicious street-side delicacies, Varanasi is no less. The local cuisines have a beautiful regional touch and are essential parts of the ‘Banarsi’ culture. Have a look at the top dishes to savor after landing in the city.

1.    Kachori/Poori Sabzi

You can take your pick from badi and chhoti kachoris. These are stuffed with lentils or ‘dal ki pithi’ and spicy mashed potatoes respectively. These are paired with scrumptious aloo ki sabzi and jalebi made from desi ghee. This makes a drool worthy combination and fills both your heart and tummy. Make sure to head over to Ram Bhandar, Chachi ki Dukan or Kachori Gali once before boarding your Varanasi to Delhi flights back home.

2.    Safed Makkhan Toast

Locally sourced bread is toasted over coal oven and lathered with fresh yellow butter. This gives it a mind-blowing taste which is unique to Varanasi. You can ask for either sugar or chaat masala which offers a different taste than the usual continental one. Make sure to order piping hot kulhad chai alongside which is sure a match made in heaven.

3.    Malaiyyo

Also known as Nimish, it is one of the most loved winter desserts of Varanasi. It is extremely light and melts in your mouth.  The sweet is prepared from milk froth and sprinkled with almonds, saffron, cardamoms and pistachios. Locals prefer it served in kulhads. Head over to Godowlia Chowk to try this flavorful street side snack.

4.    Thandai

This is hand-churned plain milk packed with a variety of spices like fennel seeds, cardamom, saffron and pepper. Further, it is flavored with seasonal fruit puree.  Finally, the drink is garnished with dry fruits, nuts, rose essence and rabri and served various sized clay cups. You can also ask for ‘bhaang’ in case you wish to soak in the Holi spirit. Do check out the famous stalls while booking flights from Varanasi to Delhi.

5.    Baati Chokha

This is a Bihari cuisine but found in abundance in the streets of Varanasi. Baatis are usually wheat ball stuffed with ‘sattu’ and roasted chana. These are cooked over charcoal which offers a unique flavor. The Chokha is prepared with a mix of baked eggplants and mashed potatoes along with tomatoes and spices. You can either keep it simple or ask the vendor to prepare it with a dash of spicy ingredients for a tangy experience.

You can also try chooda matar, dahi chutney golgappe, tamatar chaat, launglata and lassi before heading back in your Varanasi to Delhi flights.

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