Norfolk: The Evergreen Island

Norfolk Island, part of an Australian commonwealth, is a destination that is rich in history, nature, and beautiful landscapes. Each year in November, crowds gather for the annual food festival, a celebration of the food grown and eaten on the island. This may be the largest attraction to the island in addition to Norfolk Island National Park and Botanic Garden, where visitors experience stunning scenery and incredibly diverse bird life. The island is also home to the tallest tree ferns on earth, growing up to 13 meters tall alongside dense evergreen forests. As tourist numbers continue to climb, Norfolk Island boasts something for everyone, from nature to sightseeing history that goes back thousands of years.

The Story Behind Norfolk

Norfolk Island is the remains of multiple volcanic eruptions from a lava surge leaving behind nutrient-rich soil perfect for the plants and wildlife that would later grow. The history of the island can be split into four distinct settlements: Polynesian occupation, British settlements, a convict penal settlement, and finally Pitcairn Islanders. The first human contact is dated somewhere between 800 and 1400 CE when seafaring Polynesians used it as a stopping point between New Caledonia and New Zealand. The most common remnants from the excavation are houses, outdoor ovens, marae, or meeting points.

400 years later in 1774, the British found the island and clues of the previous Polynesian existence when British men and women started a colony on the island. However, after the discovery of fertile land for crops on Australia, the settlement was closed in 1814. Just over ten years later, people once again came to settle Norfolk Island but this time those people were convicts. The worst offenders were sent to suffer their crimes rebuilding the old settlement from a decade earlier. Some of the most elegant buildings on the island are the fruits of the convicts’ labour. Conditions were harsh, punishment was frequent, and all convicts were removed by 1855.

By 1856, a new and pious people from the mutiny of the Bounty outgrew the neighbouring Pitcairn Island and moved onto the island. Although many settlers left from homesickness, many stayed and moulded Norfolk Island into the destination location it is today. Tourists travel to learn and see the history, experience nature, and pamper themselves in five-star resorts.

Tourist Experiences on the Island

Tourists travel for the first time to the island for the sightseeing but they return because of the relaxing service from Norfolk Island resorts. The first step of any vacation is choosing your accommodations and Norfolk Island offers world-class dining and rooms. Whether you are looking for a fully furnished apartment or an all-inclusive resort, tourists find a range of options to satisfy all desires. However, a truly wonderful trip is always made better with unique touches. Finding a resort that offers amenities such as snorkel equipment, shuttle service, and helpful staff is worth extra research. The combination of luxurious resorts and the enchanting beauty of the island creates not only a trip but a lifelong memory.

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